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Avoid the Party House! The Subletting & Leasing Problem in Japan

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  In other countries, subletting, leasing, and room sharing rules can seem a lot more loose compared to Japan.  Typically you can't do any of those things in Japan without express permission from your real estate agency or landlord and this has become one of the biggest problems between foreign residents and real estate agencies in Japan.  

  Remember, at the time of making a contract with your real estate agency, you usually have to declare the number of occupants who will be living in your room or house, and your real estate agency has to acknowledge the number and then agree on it. Very commonly, it is usually stated in the contract that no one except for the permitted occupants can live in that room or house.  If you would like additional friends or family members to share your room or house, you will have to talk to your real estate agency or landlord first and get their permission. If you fail to do so and still invite people not on the lease without permission, you will most likely be asked to leave your room or house immediately, or they will charge you a violation fee which can be costly.

  Of course, you might have some friends or family members who will visit you in Japan and usually they can stay for a few days or so.  But please remember that they can’t stay for a long term period because of contract that you agreed to before. Also be careful because there may be neighbors who might complain to the real estate agency or landlord once they noticed it.  It is very easy to imagine how noisy it can get if 4 or 5 people are sharing your room when you originally agreed to only having two or three living there in the first place.

  It should go without saying that we don't suggest you try and sneak people into your homes and rooms for a long period of time!  That is no good at all!  But if you go through the correct channels, and are on good terms with your realtor and landlord, then you should be able to make things happen.

  Hopefully this article gave you some insight on what you need to do if you intend on modifying your contract and adding or removing people from your lease!  Feel free to let us know what you think by shooting an e-mail to us at!

 Set sail to a new life, may ships take you on the seas, through the skies, and over the land towards my place in Japan.

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