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Notifying City Hall "I'm Home!" Registering Series Pt.1

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  Welcome to part one of the registering in Japan series of articles.  This time, we will talk about how to register your address at city hall.  This vital part of the process will insure that your residence card has your current - and correct - address on it which will open the gateway to doing almost anything in Japan like getting a phone, a bank account, and much more.  Needless to say, you have to do this within two weeks of moving into your new city or town. 

  First things first, you will need to visit your local city or town hall and also have a valid residence card.  This goes without saying, but you should get your residence card at immigration when you enter Japan.  It may or may not have your current address on it depending on your situation entering the country.

  You may also need another document that proves you are you, like a passport or valid Japanese driver's license.  You will need a hanko as well if you have one.

  Next, you will need to go to the correct window to get this taken care of.  Typically this will be part of the 'Jyuuuminka' (住民課) section of the city hall.  There are many windows that do a lot of different things, so asking someone at the information desk about the 'Tennyu Todoke' andd they should be able to point you in the right direction.

  Fill out the form, making sure to use very clear legible handwriting, and make sure to write your name as it is written on your residence card or passport exactly.  Otherwise, you may find yourself writing more than one of those forms and it can be frustrating!  If you are having trouble, usually staff will help you along the process, but they may not be able to speak English.
 After you register, you will be able to get a residence certificate which will be needed for opening a bank account, making a contract with a phone company, getting a Japanese driver’s license, and many other important things.  

  Don't forget that you will need to update your residence for many of the other utilities and services that you are using.  Sadly, city hall won't magically inform other municipal facilities that your address changed so you have to do it yourself.  For example, the post office (So you can get your current mail and have old mail forwarded to your new address.), the police station (For your driver's license.), utility companies (Which you should do upon moving in to your home), Phone company, and much more.  
   Hopefully this article gave you some insight on what you need to do when you move into a new city in Japan!  Feel free to let us know what you think by shooting an e-mail to us at!

 Set sail to a new life, may ships take you on the seas, through the skies, and over the land towards my place in Japan.

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