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Your My number! What is it and why? Registering Series Pt 4.

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  This is the fourth part of our 'Registering at Japanese City Hall' series.  Today we are going to talk a bit about the "My Number" system in Japan and a few ways it is used in daily life.

  My Number
My number card is like a “Social Security Number” in Japan for all residents who are registered at a city or town.  This system is for the Japanese government to manage and maintain your personal information in an efficient manner in terms of 3 aspects: social security, taxation, and disaster control.  It will be used at a number of locations like the city hall, banks, post offices, and various taxation offices as well when taking care of paperwork that contains sensitive information about you.

Getting and Using 'My Number'
  When you register at a city hall, you will be officially entered into the my number system.  Typically a week or two after you register at city hall you will receive an envelope in the mail with a paper version of your my number card and a packet of information about it in Japanese.  For many people, this can be the final step in the process.  Keep this paper card safe because you will need to bring it when taking care of a lot of business in Japan.  Most common of these is taking care of the tax adjustment at the end of the year, dealing with sensitive issues at the city/town hall, and things like sending money overseas via bank transfer, among others.

  Please make sure to have the original copy since in many cases you will not be able to bring a copy or just memorize your number and write it down since it will need to be confirmed using the original document.  Make sure to keep your my number documentation in a safe location and only bring it out with you when you need it.

Getting a 'my number ID' card.
  In the envelope that contains my number will be an application form that you can bring to the city hall to apply for a slightly more sturdy version of the my number card.  You will need a picture and to include other information like your address, etc. and you will later receive a plastic version of your 'my number' card that can also be used as an ID.  It is much tougher than the regular paper card, but also holds a risk of being lost or stolen if you carry it with you in your wallet or bag.

  The My Number system in Japan
  The my number system is still relatively new in Japan and it is used in many places, but who knows how it will be implemented in other parts of Japanese society in the future.  The fact remains, you need it and need to keep it safe and protected as possible to protect your identity in Japan.

So that concludes the Registering in Japan series of informational Blogs.  The last one is a little short, but needs to be taken care of if you want to complete the process of registering at a city hall.  If you have any questions or concerns about my number maybe we can help!

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