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Second Wave of Articles is up!

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  This update is to let you know that the second wave of articles has been uploaded for those who haven't been keeping up with the site! Take a look at some short summaries of those articles below:

  Common Trouble to look out for!
This article talks about common problems to beware of like trash separation, noise, and other things that many foreign residents of Japan may not know before moving into an apartment in Japan!  Must read for new residents!

  Important Search Criteria!
This article goes over what new residents need to keep in mind when searching for a place in Japan.  Things like the surrounding area, apartment rules like if pets are OK, and considerations like the size of the apartment.

One of the biggest issues finding a place in Japan for foreign residents is the need (Or lack of in some cases) of a guarantor.  You need some backup and a sponsor if you want to rent a place!  Find the deets in this article!

  Phones in Japan
These days if you are without a way to contact people on the go, it makes life very difficult!  Check this article to learn about what your options are for cell phones and smart phones in Japan!

  Your Visa & You
Without a visa, you cannot be in Japan! Simple as that!  Check out the article detailing what visas will allow you to do what in Japan, and consider peeping the accompanying video as well!

  Getting a Name Stamp! The Hanko!
Signature please! Wait... what do you mean my signature is no good?  Name stamp?  That's right.  In Japan you need to stamp if you want to 'sign off' for those important documents!  Make sure to find out all about it here!

  Noise in Japanese Apartments
This is a serious issue in Japanese apartments, but there are ways to play is safe and...sound!  Check this article for tips on when and when not to bring the noise.

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